4 of My Favorite Hiking Boots for 2020
From all-weather boots to light summer hikers, these are the four pairs of hikers that have passed my adventure test - and have my seal of approval.
Hiking boots. I go through a lot of them. Partially because I'm always testing out new boots to write about, partially because my adventures all look different.
Plus, the fact that I live out of a carry-on suitcase means that I sometimes need to have a new pair of boots sent to me, or buy a new pair on the road, wherever I randomly end up in the world - oh the joys of being a nomad. But I get to donate my shoes to some cool locals who appreciate them - so that's always nice.

But there are a few boots I've fallen for recently. Some, rather unexpectedly. Some, from longtime favorite brands. All of them living up to the adventure test.
Most Comfortable: Hoka One One Arkali

While, for the most part Hoka One One's shoe styles are, I'll say... unique (and not necessarily my style), I did fall head over heels in love with the Arkali hikers the first time I saw them. Maybe it was the color scheme. Maybe it was the Velcro strap across the top. Who knows? But after hiking almost 50 miles in them across part of Armenia, I was even more in love with them. They were roomy, they didn't rub against my heels or around my ankles thanks to the elastic top and they were rugged. They were like wearing a tennis shoe, but with the traction and durability of a hiking boot. Just what I needed for hiking up and over mountains, crossing streams and stomping through more mud than I'd ever like to see ever again.
Best All-Weather: Altra Lone Peak 4.0 Mid

Altra is an interesting brand for a few reasons. First, their footbeds are ZeroDrop, meaning, the footbed is level with the ground, aligning your body the way it would naturally as if you were walking in your bare feet. Second, the toe box is designed to be wider so that your toes aren't cramped together making for a more comfortable hike as your feet start to swell during your adventure. And best of all, the Altra Lone Peak 4.0 is all-weather, and there's a gaiter attachment at the back, so you really can wear them year-round.
Best Summer Hikers: Salomon Amphib Bold

I really, really like hiking in Salomon shoes. Especially in the summer. They're light and not quite as clunky (or heavy, if you're carrying them) as hikers, but they're still durable enough to get you through the sketchiest of terrain (especially thanks to their protective toe cap). The QuickLaces hold better than normal laces, so your shoes stay tight throughout the day and the heel on these particular shoes folds down so you can wear them as slides, in the off chance they start to rub, or if you just want something more casual, say, for dinner around the campfire.
Best Winter City to Trail Boots: The North Face Back-To-Berkeley Redux Boot

I bought a pair of these North Face boots when I was in Tbilisi about a year ago, getting ready to go on an adventure up in the mountains of Kazbegi, a small mountainous area near the border with Russia. I was in desperate need of a pair of boots that could handle snow, but that also didn't make me look like a total turd wearing them around town and in my endlessly cool hotel, the Rooms Kazbegi. (Don't tell anyone, but I think that most hiking boots are god awful ugly. And Georgians are RIDICULOUSLY cool. So, I was desperate for a boot that could still look relaxed and cool with jeans and a flannel.) And these boots were exactly that. I wore them both day and night without feeling self-conscious about my footwear, and even ventured into a nightclub in them back in Tbilisi.

I would buy these a half size up, if I were to buy them again (and I would). Having air circulate in your boots will keep your feet warmer, not the opposite, despite what you might think.
You're not dumb, you know that this is a sponsored post and that I make money off of affiliate partnerships. And while that is true, opinions (which I'm in no shortage of) are still all my own. Promise.
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