13 Pieces of Gear for Survival When the World's Gone Mad
Between drone strikes and political chaos, natural disasters, and now coronavirus being declared a pandemic, the world has gone mad in 2020. These pieces of gear are essential for survival just in case anything else is thrown our way.
I think it's safe to say at this point in 2020, between drone strikes and political chaos, natural disasters destroying some of my favorite countries and cities, and now coronavirus being declared a pandemic, that the world has gone mad. Like, completely lost her shit, chopped off all her hair, changed her name to Tammy and moved to Florida, mad.
So, instead of sitting in my hotel room social distancing in self-pity and dwelling on all the canceled trips and projects that have completely fucked my future as a travel writer and adventure content creator, I'm instead putting together a list of my favorite pieces of survival gear, just in case Tammy decides she's not done losing her shit yet. To which I say, bitch, bring it on.

So, here it goes, here are my 13 favorite pieces of gear for self-survival, because we still have a long way to go in 2020 and you never know what Tammy is going to throw our way next.
Gerber Suspension-NXT ($37): This EDC (everyday carry) has scissors, pliers, a wire cutter, can opener, a flathead driver with three size options, a serrated blade and a bottle opener, because you're going to need a beer at the end of all of this. Buy on

Grayl Geopress ($89.95): Drinking water = life. Grayl = clean drinking water. Grayl = life. Buy on

Lifestraw Community ($395): Because sharing clean drinking water is caring. Buy on

Jetboil Flash Cooking System ($109.95): Small and powerful, a Jetboil allows you to boil water in a little over a minute and a half. Buy on

UCO Stormproof Match Kit ($7.95): Whether you need to build a fire for warmth or to heat up water, waterproof matches – and this fire starter kit – can save you time and energy when you don't have either to waste. Buy on

Good To-Go Meals ($13.50): Made with real ingredients and no additives or preservatives, plus low in sodium, Good To-Go is my first choice when it comes to dehydrated meals. I've even been known to eat a pack or two at home. Buy on

Goal Zero Boulder 50 Solar Panel ($149.95): One of the heavier-duty solar panels out there, this panel is strong enough to charge both your tech and the next item on this list… Buy on

Goal Zero Yeti 150 Portable Power Generator ($199.95): If you're going to be without power for a few days, this is your savor. Trust me. Plug it into your Goal Zero Boulder 50 Solar Panel and in 26- 52 hours you have a fully charged generator. Buy on
Barebones Forest Lantern ($60): When space and weight aren't an issue, a rechargeable lantern is a much better choice than a headlamp or other light source in an emergency. Charging in four to six hours by way of a USB cable and weighing only a pound, this little lantern can provide three hours of light on high and more than 80 hours of light on low. Buy on
Survival Kits, from Basic to the World-is-Ending

Judy Starter Survival Kit ($60): If you consider yourself fairly prepared, the Judy Starter kit might just be all that you need. With a single-use phone charger, emergency drinking water with a 5-year shelf life, glow sticks, mini meals and more, it's easy to throw this bag in a trunk, under your sink or in a day pack for when shit starts to get weird. Buy on

The Prepster Backpack 3-Day Emergency Bag ($355): Ok, I'm not going to lie, I really just like this kit because it's pretty. And because it includes a N95 face mask. Buy on
Echo-Sigma Runner 72 Hour Emergency Kit ($349.99): With enough emergency food and water to last three days (that's 2,400 calories of emergency food and 2.5 liters of emergency drinking water), plus an emergency flashlight, knife, first-aid kit and emergency tent for shelter, this kit is stocked with just about every essential you could think of. Buy on

Uncharted Supply The SEVENTY2™ Survival System ($349.99): This kit is intense. Like, surviving 72 hours in a collapsed building type intense. But you know what? That's the level we're operating at these days. Buy on
You're not dumb, you know that this is a sponsored post and that I make money off of affiliate partnerships. And while that is true, opinions (which I'm in no shortage of) are still all my own. Promise.
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