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Weighing in at less than a pound, the new Pipamoka hand-powered coffee brewer is a nomad's best friend.
I'm a simple traveler. Really. You kind of have to be when you spend 95% of your life living out of a carry-on suitcase or a hiking pack.
But I love it. I absolutely, 1,000% love it.

Because being on the move makes me happy like you wouldn't believe. But that's because I know my travel style. I know that I don't need to pack a million outfits for a trip, but that I do need my favorite purple shampoo.

I know that I don't need more than three pairs of shoes (hikers or city boots, runners, flip flops) - if even that, but I do need my sleeping mask and night time eye cream.

I know that I don't need fancy five-course meals with impeccable wine pairings (although I don't argue when that's what my day has in store), but I do ABSOLUTELY need my morning cup of coffee and a few minutes of peace and quiet to get my day started off right.

That, I would have to say, is the one thing, no matter where in the world I am, no matter what I'm doing, whether it be driving across Ireland on a bucket list road trip or camping under the stars in a bubble in a Natural Park in Spain, I cannot - and will not - to do without.
Basically, it's the little things.

And the Pipamoka, the new nomadic coffee brewer from Wacaco, is just that. Little.

And essential. And easy to use. And durable. And good looking. Have I said good looking yet?

There are no batteries or chargers involved. The filter basket is reusable so there's no unnecessary waste (I even have a trick for your used grounds).

It takes two minutes to brew a cup. And it brews right in the mug.
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And, weighing in at less than a pound and with everything you need packed nicely within the mug between brews, it's one of those gadgets that you can easily throw in your bag and bring with you just about anywhere. (And I have.)

I'm not going to sugarcoat it, the biggest obstacle will be finding hot water for your brew. But, having recently put my Pipamoka to the test on my road trip along Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, a little planning ahead solved that problem.

Before I'd leave my B&B's each morning to hit the road, I'd refill my Hydro Flask vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottle with boiling water and use that as my hot water supply.

It worked out perfectly.
Slieve League, Ireland
And, after driving for hours along the coast, without anyone to keep me company, I'd pull over, brew a cup of coffee, take in the scenery and then hit the road again.

Spending more than four hours driving each day didn't bother me knowing that caffeine was always just a brew away.

Getting the Most Out of Your Pipamoka

After traveling with the Pipamoka for almost a week, I learned a few lessons, most of them the messy way. Literally. You should have seen my rental car - it was covered in coffee grounds. (Whoopths, sorry Enterprise!)

And that was because I bought grounds in Dublin. And, being in the perpetual hurry that I'm always in, I threw the bag in my backseat, where it would live for the next week, for easy access on the road. On day one I learned that was a big mistake. Because once the bag was opened, and I went to make my second brew, I realized that I didn't close the bag tightly the first time (damn side tabs!) and I basically made it rain coffee grounds in my backseat. Again, not my car, so not the end of the world, but wasting coffee is against my religion, so it hurt a little part of my soul when that happened.

The solution? Use a packing cube or dry sack to store your coffee ground bag in, or reuse an oversize zip lock bag you might have with you, or really prepare ahead and bring a plastic container specifically for this purpose. (Which isn't a bad solution if you want to bring your favorite grounds from home, fyi.)

Another little hack I loved was reusing a Nuun Hydration Immunity tube I had just finished to pack a single refill of grounds in my day hiking pack so I could brew a cup up along the cliffs. (I didn't end up doing it, the rain making me want to get out of there as quickly as possible once I summited, but I could have, and that's what counts.)

At night, when I'd finally make it to my B&B and settle in for the evening (I was staying at B&B's exclusively during this trip and I loved it, but that's a whole different blog post!), I'd mix my used grounds with the MCT oil I had on hand to make my morning bulletproof coffees and I'd concoct a coffee ground exfoliating scrub.

The scrub helped rehydrate my skin, which was starting to look quite rough not only from the heavy jet lag that had set in, but also from the aggressive wind burn that had been assaulting my face over the course of the last few day's adventures. Basically, my face was in a very sad state and this helped bring it back to life.
Pipamoka Pros:

- In two minutes you can hand-brew coffee anywhere.

- With a reusable filter basket, no batteries or charging and since you brew right in the reusable mug, waste is minimal.

- At 0.94 pounds, and with everything necessary for a brew packing within itself, you barely notice throwing it in your bag and taking it with you on your next adventure.

- Have I mentioned how good looking the Pipamoka is yet? It's so good looking in fact, that I love reusing my Pipamoka mug on flights for coffee and at night for a cold beer.

- At less than $50 ($46.90), it's one of those pieces of equipment that won't break the bank, but will make all the difference during your travels.

- And! The first 50 people to use code BREANNAJ5 will save 5% off their order on So, there's that.

Wild Atlantic Way, Ireland
Pipamoka Cons:

- It takes two hands to brew and some force. Holding the metal mug with one hand and the orange ring with the other, as you turn in opposite directions, the water chamber twists out. It takes a fair bit of patience to get through this process.

- You do have to remember to pack grounds (or whole beans and a portable grinder) and hot water separately. I can't imagine anything worse than getting deep into a remote outdoor adventure and looking forward to a cup of coffee only to realize you forgot to bring hot water with you.

So, after putting the Pipamoka to the travel test as I road tripped across Ireland, brewing coffee in just about every place imaginable, I can say with confidence that the Pipamoka is one of my favorite new gadgets this year. And one of my new favorite ways to brew a cup of self-sufficient coffee while traveling.
You're not dumb, you know that this is a sponsored post and that I make money off of affiliate partnerships. And while that is true, opinions (which I'm in no shortage of) are still all my own. Promise.
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